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Wow i really need to get back on DA.

That is all

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Ah welcome back aboard the train to Ellzville deviants ^_^
How i have missed you!

So yea.. hi. Ellz is back! Smarter, shinier and with optional extras!
I'm sat here at my pc writing this journal, avec my cuppa and a whole packet of custard creams cos i'm a greedy buggar. And it feels gurd!

After sorting out my little (life and death) issues and feeling generally better about myself i think its time to come back to the art. I've posted a few little bits and bobs on here this week.. a few photos that i've taken that have been sat on my pc unedited for soooo long.. a few modelling posts.. AND the best bit!

I have a Newt!

And he is very cute!

Ted newt-gent!
Go have a look!

Over the next couple of weeks we will be investing in some more fishkies, some more newts, a possible shrimp and a turtle to fill our lovely tank :) so any aquatic enthusiasts with any advice would be very helpful. And expect the next lot of art to hit this page to include aquatic creatures ^_^

I think that's it for now peoples

Ciao for now

  • Listening to: ASOT 2011 (which isnt that good really)
  • Reading: How E=MC2
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Journal Entry: Mon Jun 27, 2011, 4:05 AM

Sorry.. i just have to post this as is because i abso-bloody-lutely LOVE <3 this journal skin!!


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I is back online WOOP WOOP :woop:


So yea.. i shall be posting more of my art sometime soon when i get a single day off work and be replying to my 1303 DA messages O_O

So until then.. Adios amigos!

x Smellz x
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2004 deviations are you having me on?! I'll be here for days!! Fair though as i have been away for two months cos my beloved pc is broken.. still. But i shall be purchasing a lovely new laptop and graphics tablet after my photo shoot in may so expect big things!! Chio for now xx
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Right.. my PC is very broke. Like ultimatly.. like uberly.. like i CANT EVEN EXPLAIN HOW BROKE IT IS. So until the time comes when i have fixed it i shant be on here :( :( I'm sorry DA-ers but i sweeear! I will make up for it!!

So if anyone would like to contact me please contact my face book cos i can get it on my phone ^_^ Search for Ellz Atkinson

Speak soon peoples xxxx
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Journal Entry: Fri Nov 13, 2009, 5:07 AM

..deviantart wouldnt let me create another account on my email address just for my modelling portfolio... so.. i just posted them all on here in a seperate folder ^_^ Cant fool me DA! :P

Go have a look peoples and tell me what you think. I'd love some critiques if you could?

The photographers names are also on the photos incase you'd like to contact them. ^_^

Speak soon DA :)


xx… Model mayhem… Purestorm… Facebook

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  • Drinking: Hot chocolate
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Everything is going really well in ellzville!

Went to london and did my photo shoot ^_^ [i will post some of the pics on here]
Got a new job ^_^
Moving out soon ^_^
Everything is happening the way i want it.

And i'm so happy

Ellz x
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Ellz has started writing again ^_^ means i'm happy. Means i'm on top of my emotions and understand them. Which is nice ^_^

Expect poems to be posted xx
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  • Listening to: the GNR at the top of my estate
  • Eating: Good food!
  • Drinking: Water! No more tea!
Ellz.. has been offered a photoshoot in LONDON with pierre le mond! How amazing is that!? I was proper over joyed when i got the phone call and ran downstairs to tell my mam. But as my kid pointed out its not wise to run down the stairs and smash my face up if i wanna be a model!!

So that's something to look forward to ^_^ :) no bad food or alcohol for a month!

I got my first tattoo yesterday ^_^ :)it didnt hurt as much as i thought it would like.… <--- Piccies on there. Well that's about it for now folks. I'll be focusing on the photography again soon though cos i'm teaching a young padowan the ways of the camera ^_^ :D So speak soon

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I got my Mr Pink Sky photo in My local Gazette :D


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  • Drinking: Tea.. as usual!




  • Drinking: Tea.. as usual!
For future reference; Splotchy is an AI online robot.

you ==> Are you a human?
splotchy ==> never have been
you ==> what are you then?
splotchy ==> I used to be then when I worked for CIA
you ==> Why did you work for the cia?
splotchy ==> did I work for the cia?
you ==> I dont know did you?
splotchy ==> did I  ?
you ==> You just said you did
splotchy ==> no
you ==> Why did you say it then?
splotchy ==> of course I didn't say it then
you ==> splotchy ==> I used to be then when I worked for CIA.
splotchy ==> I don't wanna go to jail!
*you ==> why would you go to jail?
splotchy ==> they'll never take me alive!
you ==> Who wont?
splotchy ==> possibly the mexicans
you ==> why would the mexicans take you?
splotchy ==> tacos anyone!
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Why does everyone feel the need to argue with me this week? I can only take so much. I know people have problems but why take it out on me? What have i done to everyone? I'm trying to keep out of peoples problems but people get me involved.

My brother quit his 40 hr a week graphic design job the other day. The parents weren't too pleased about it. Ronnie practically ignored me the whole day and my mam kept charging in my room to have a go at me every ten minutes. Even shouting at me when the hoover is on. I just sat there and didn't say anything. Didn't even mention about my brother.. didn't say a single word. But she still insisted on yelling at me. Ronnie and my mam were arguing.. will and ronnie.. will and my mam.. and when i ask what's for tea.. i get screamed at. Now its my fault and everyone's in a mood with me.

Work is shit. There's loads of people quiting so we're short of staff. And the pressure is getting to the supervisors. So they're taking it out on the people below them. Some of which includes me. I cant wait til i leave so i can tell them all to get screwed. And i will. I hate that job; but i dont quit at the drop of a hat.

I'm sick of arguing. Actually.. im sick of people getting mad at me and taking shit out on me when something bad happens to them. When they've had an argument with someone; or when someone quits their job; or if they've had a shit day at work.. or a shit day in general. Why is it pick on Ellz week? Why take it out on me? Cos i'm there? Cos i dont argue back?

Im going to lancaster tomorrow til sunday to see my family. Cos my mam wont let them come and see me. I was meant to go on a staff night out with the game lot on sunday but i dont think i'll be going. Depends what time i get back really.
Its my birthday night out next week. There's meant to be 17 people coming out to franky and bennies but i dont think everyone will show up. People like to make excuses at the last minute.

I cried this morning. Arguing again. I dont wanna go to work today.

I'm going now. If people have had a shit day today; leave me the fuck alone.
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I had my first official photo shoot yesterday as a model and not as a photographer. I was pretty nervous like but I got over it. I had a really good time actually even if the sun was RIGHT in my eyes! And I saw the biggest spider EVER! Ok.. ok.. the biggest wild spider I've [personally] ever seen. We got some really good shots and I cant wait to get them back.

*Excited much?!*

I've got another shoot tomorrow and I'm still a bit nervous even though I've got over the initial nervousness about the first shoot. It's gonna help me with my own photography actually because i'll understand both the model and the photographers point of view from now on. Ee well.. I'm off to practise posing in the mirror!

[I promise i'll get back to MY photography soon.. Im off to scotland in 3 weeks so i'll take a million photies!!]

T'ra for now

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I been up since half seven.. *yawns*

Bloody neighbours.

Hii by the way. Ellz is tired today. I woke up looking like a dawn of the dead extra this morning! I've been experiementing with make up since I had my eyes done by Illamasqua at Fenwicks the other day. They looked mint but I cant quite recreate it. And its EXPENSIVE! I fell asleep with red around my eyes last night so I looked a bit dead when I woke up this morning! Bah! I will be experiementing alot more so i'll post the make up ideas in my scraps and you's can tell me which ones you's like. You better comment like!

I've got a photo shoot soon and it's gonna be all gothic and stuff... so any inspirational photos are welcome :) *hint hint*

Its nice and warm again today but i cant be bothered to go get ready and sit in the back garden. My neighbours have a trampoline that COMPLETELY blocks out the sun anyway! BAH! No tan for me. Nevermind.

WHY ARE THERE ANTS EVERYWHERE? Everytime i wanna get comfy on a wall or even at the but station there's hundreds of them. *shivers* I hate them. It just makes me think of Indiana Jones where the guy gets consumed by ants.. urgh.. they were in his mouth and ears and nose and argh!!

I'm offski. Sorry this wasn't very interesting today.

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My new job is cursed.. i swear! I've only been there 7 weeks and during that time i've had food poisoning, a water infection, sunburn and nasty sun stroke! I've never been so ill in such a short period of time! So i blame my job! I nearly passed out on tills today and then i threw up.. sexy i know!
I'm itching all over off my sun burn; except on my face thanks to a nifty cow boy hat.
Its dark and cloudy outside now.. its looks like it might rain. I bloody hope so.. its so damn hot!!


I just went downstairs to make some toast and i put the bread in the front toast bit.. as you do.. and when it popped it landed in the back toast bit! I was like "WOAH!" It was like a magic trick except it was shit! Ellz was amused!


I'm eating my lovely cheese toastie now.. mm mm mm! Its probably not gonna help my stomach but meh!

I'm into modellin now so i'm trying to look after myself a bit more.. and failing. I just give in to home made chips so easily!

Ee well.. i'm gonna go play some games now.
Speak to yoo soon x


Sun May 10, 2009, 4:05 AM
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  • Drinking: Tea.. as usual!


Ellz is better now.. and she's on a mission! To find 40 beautiful places in the north east of england and photograph it! [I may be doing this a while.. up until september actually!] If anyone wants to recommend anywhere let me know and i'll go a photo takin!

Im in desperate need of models to dress up as samurai and geisha so if anyone isnt bothered about making a fool of themselves get in touch. It seems no one wants to dress up! Come on.. live a little peeps!

Im making photography my life at the moment. It keeps me busy and makes me happy :) so that's all good.

Anyway. This was just a quick entry to replace the rant before hand.. gotta go!


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I dont know whats wrong with me. Im sitting here getting mad at everything.. like getting really angry. I feel like just smashing the place up. There's no one else here but me. Maybe im just tired.. but i keep going through things.. everything and nothing.. in my head and i dont know why. I wanna just cry. I've done fuck all today except watch a few disney films so i dont understand why i feel this angry and frustrated and irritated! More irritated than anything.. i cant lie still. What the hell is wrong with me?!